Services and Processing

Respect for deadlines, spare parts in stock, ongoing assistance and advice are some of the services that are particularly appreciated by our customers: we believe that the relationship with the customer does not end with just the supply, but continues in the checks on the quality of work and on the degree of satisfaction. The management system of these services is in continuous development, to guarantee a partnership always in step with the times.

Upon direct and specific request, the G.M.G. SRL HI-TECH studies and verifies the primary idea of ​​customers, evaluating any changes or improvements; through its Know How and the support of 3D CAD and CAD CAM software, the company searches for modern production technologies, in order to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Laser Marking

With a latest generation laser marker, we can mark linear codes, barcodes, QR codes and customer logos.

Plunge and wire electro erosion machines

A large fleet of wire and plunge EDM machines allows the execution of multiple figures for various applications.


The CNC milling machines with 3 and 5 axes have ample space, supported by CAD CAM software and specialized operators.


Traditional CNC and bar-loaded lathes with double spindle with milling head enrich the GMG machine park.

Tangential adjustments, internal and external adjustments

Tangential adjustments, internal and external CNC, guarantee the precision in the execution of the piece.


Further investments led the company to purchase a CNC lapping machine, which adds to the traditional two.

Dimensional check

Strict checks are carried out on the machine and in the quality control department through Zeiss 3D contact and optical machines.

Automatic warehouse for spare parts

Thanks to the automatic structuring and control of customer support, we are able to supply products and spare parts.


Our mechanical workshop, specialized in high-quality machining, continuously invests its resources in the development of technological and innovative production processes, equipping itself with the most sophisticated systems for CNC machining and striving to choose the most appropriate production method for correct execution. Great importance is given to the industrialization of the product, to increase quality and reduce production and delivery times. Customers are supported in all phases of the order from assistance in the design phase to delivery of the requested piece.

G.M.G. SRL HI-TECH has a high-quality machine park: CNC milling and turning machines, CNC internal and external grinding, tangential grinding, wire and plunge EDM, manual and CNC lapping machines, laser marking, 3D control machines and test stands .

The programming of the CNC centers is supported by a Cad CAM system.


" Move complex systems through the creation of small, very precious mechanisms. "


Request our advice or a quote: we offer a personalized service for the Customer, designed to meet any of your needs.

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