G.M.G. SRL Meccanica Hi-Tech

" Move complex systems through the creation of small, very precious mechanisms."

Industrial Sectors

The know-how of G.M.G. SRL HI-TECH, the experience and flexibility of the team, the state-of-the-art machinery, cover a wide range of sectors: pharmaceutical, electronic, oil-dynamic, pneumatic, aeronautical, food, automotive, oil and others.

Services detail

High Precision Mechanics


We want to be the reference company for hi-tech mechanics and act as a partner for our customers, a fundamental part of our society and a source of ideas to better carry out our work.

The objective of G.M.G. SRL HI-TECH is not to simply create and supply parts, but to offer a complete service that goes from the collaboration to the development of the customers' products,

up to the supply of assembled and tested groups ready to be put on the market.
G.M.G. SRL HI-TECH, a company always at your side.

We believe that communication with the customer is as important as creating the product: continuous interfacing with the client, simultaneous study and verification and the continuous exchange of observations, makes our work the perfect combination with the clients.

  • Constant communication
  • Targeted implementation

We are not G.M.G. SRL HI-TECH to give an answer to this question, our constant commitment, our high professionalism, the best tools and materials used and certainly the synergy with the Customers do..

Innovation and professionalism


Qualified operators

A close-knit team and highly qualified operators are at the complete disposal of the customers.

Strict controls

By means of sophisticated high-tech machinery, we ensure the best work quality.


Over thirty-five years of experience make us aware of our professional qualities.

Constant innovations

Structural investments, technologies and upgrades make us highly professional and productive.

CERTIFICATION UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 n° 1015512

G.M.G. SRL HI-TECH once again obtains the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 CERTIFICATION, demonstrating our Company's commitment to optimally producing high quality creations and making the production structure highly innovative, optimizing the entire management system

Certificaztion 1015512-00

G.M.G. SRL is a Certified Company with the institution ACCREDIA - INTERTEK.

Certification Document


G.M.G. SRL HI-TECH adopts the specific directives of the National Industry 4.0 Plan and integrates new production technologies to improve working conditions, create new business models and increase the quality and productivity of its plants.


G.M.G. SRL HI-TECH really believes that the combination of sustainability of the environment and enhancement of operators within the company is the fundamental strategy to best perform any production activity and achieve very high level objectives. By using a photovoltaic system consisting of 300 modules for a maximum electrical power of 144 kW, our production facility will avoid introducing 33.5 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every year and at the same time will make us almost independent from external energy sources.

Quick Contact


Without any commitment, contact our specialists and our sales staff to request information or quotations: GMG Hitech operators are at your complete disposal during office hours or via specific email addresses.

mail: INFO@GMGHITECH.IT telephone +39.0363.382728